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Tesena Test Expert Chat

Another fun occasion to exchange with my Czech friends about quality and testing.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

Grüne Blätter

Back to the future of software development

In many organizations and projects, software development involves numerous employees and machines performing tasks separately. This approach results in problems. How going back to the original way of developing software and building an organic digital factory can help.

Switzerland - I came to stay

My dear friend and colleague, Evelina Rimkute, invited my to share my experience about settling down in a new country and my favourite professional topic, software quality assurance

Image by Teddy GR


Schwarzer Mops

From Waterfall Testing
to Agile Quality Assurance


On 9th June 2022 I had the great honor to share my experience at Europe's largest software testing conference, EuroSTAR, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

What an fantastic experience to talk at such a great event to such a wonderful audience. I will never forget and be back for sure!

Netter Pug auf Sofa

Tesena Fest

In September 2022 I had the pleasure to share my experience at Tesena Fest in the beautiful city of Prague. If you missed it, no need to be sad, here is the recording:

Swiss Quality Assurance

In Feb. 2022 I had the pleasure to talk with Gerhard Lazu about 5-⭐ quality assurance and what great software and testing looks like.

Check-out our recording 🎤 and Gerhard's podcast "Ship it!"😎 - A show about getting your best ideas into the world and seeing what happens. We talk about code, ops, infrastructure, and the people that make it happen.


The Qualas

We are Pia, Andreas and Rodrigo - a native QA specialist, a Developer who moved into QA and a Developer who learned the hard way why QA is important. We love to chat about quality and testing topics so we founded Qualas.

Image by Charles Deluvio

Alice in Agile Land –
a tester’s story

How has software development been changed by DevOps, Agile, and other emerging trends? This article attempts to explain how – using a classic children’s story.

Tisch mit Laptop und Stuhl

Hey DevOps,
you’re killing my job!

Is DevOps really the reason why testing and quality assurance (QA) employees are being increasingly automated out of a job?
Pia Wiedermayer, Head of QA, and Romano Roth, Head of DevOps, discuss different ways to incorporate the wealth of experience of testing and QA specialists into the agile team culture.

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