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That's me

I am a Quality Passionista at heart. Most important to me is a holistic approach in which quality is understood and lived as a principle and not as an annoying evil at the end of the process. 
In projects I prefers to work as Quality Coach. In this role I enable and support individuals, teams and organizations to build in quality from the very beginning and to efficiently assess the product quality throughout the entire lifecycle.
When I am not working on client projects, I enjoy writing blog posts, creating expert video content, conducting QA training and speaking at conferences.

I love to connect with the community so me and two buddies found GreaTest Quality - a non-profit association dedicated to inspire, share, and grow in all aspects of software quality and testing.

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My story

High quality and first-class service were already a special concern for me in my original professional field, the top hotel industry. My studies in business administration and e-business management got me excited about the countless opportunities in IT. That's why I started as a consultant in test automation in 2013. 
In the same year my passion for software quality brought me from Austria (Vienna) to Switzerland (Zurich). My love for cheese, chocolate and my Swiss husband made me stay. 
Via test management and team leadership, my path led me to Zuehlke at the beginning of 2019, where I have advised and supported clients regarding quality mangement on all levels. 
During this time I have further developed my gift for connecting and coaching people from different areas - e.g. coding, requirements engineering, support, testing... 
It is very fullfilling for me to see teams growing together, improving and owning the quality of their product. 

In 2021 I have finally been brave enough to share my experiences publicly via my blog, videos, podcasts and at conferences. The best thing about this is the exchange and the new connections with the community that result.

All the experience I have gained in the recent years has encouraged me to realise my long-held dream of being my own boss. 
So here we are, it's spring 2024 and I am setting things up and redesigning my website to represent my business. 
Spoiler alert: it's a lot of work! Nevertheless I am happy that I made the first steps and looking positive into the future.  

When not working I enjoy walking in nature or practicing Yoga, which both help me to stay connected and grounded.
I like to explore other countries and languages, so travelling is another hobby of mine. 
If it fits  the travel plans, I really like to do scuba diving. I love the ocean and being under water is one of the most relaxing things to do for me.


I am always seeking new, exciting opportunities.

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