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I am a Quality Passionista at heart.
Most important to me is a holistic approach in which quality is understood and lived as a principle and not as an annoying evil at the end of the process.

In projects I prefer to work as Quality Coach. In this role I enable and support individuals, teams and organizations to build in quality from the very beginning and to efficiently assess the product quality throughout the entire lifecycle.
When not working on client projects, I enjoy writing blog posts, creating expert video content, conducting QA training and speaking at conferences.

I love to connect with the community so me and two buddies found GreaTest Quality - a non-profit association dedicated to inspire, share, and grow in all aspects of software quality and testing.




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What I offer

  • Agile quality transformation

  • Review and evaluation of quality approach and testing procedures

  • Tailored coaching for individuals, teams and organizations

  • Workshops
    (e.g. built-in quality, development process, QA process)

  • Methodology coaching (e.g. whole team testing, BDD)

  • Agile test management

  • Embedded QA/testing

  • Tool evaluation
    (e.g. test mangement, automation, defect tracking etc.)

  • Public speaking

  • Anything related to quality that I have not listed but would be interesting for you - let's connect and find out how I can support you!

What I am looking for

  • Open-minded folks who want to improve their quality

  • Selective consulting and coaching assignments

  • Medium to long-term project work assignments

  • Pensum: 20% - 70%

  • Remote work possibility (min. 50%)

Quality Assurance

Not an obligation,
but passion


I love to write, talk and discuss QA and related stuff, like DevOps


Fun facts and other stuff of the daily QA life


Fancy to exchange, share experience and knowledge?

Contact me via LinkedIn or

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