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Good software quality holds a special place in my heart. 

Most important to me is a holistic approach in which quality is understood and lived as a principle and not as an annoying evil at the end of the process.

I am a passionate quality personality. Quality and first-class service were already a special concern for me in my original professional field, the top hotel industry. My studies in business administration and e-business management got me excited about the countless opportunities in IT.

That's why I started as a consultant in test automation in 2013. Via test management and team leadership, my path led me to Zühlke at the beginning of 2019, where I have been advising our customers as well as supporting them in daily business as a QA specialist ever since. 

I love to connect with the community so me and two buddies found GreaTest Quality - a non-profit association dedicated to inspire, share, and grow in all aspects of software quality and testing.

Quality Assurance

Not an obligation,
but passion


I love to write, talk and discuss QA and related stuff, like DevOps


Fun facts and other stuff of the daily QA life


Fancy to exchange, share experience and knowledge?

Contact me via LinkedIn or

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